“The Best Realized Office Project” by “TANU Design Award”

Project Name: Pro Space Office

Lighting: 90% from FLUA

Lighting Supplier: “F Project” – FLUA’s Exclusive Distributor in Kazakhstan.

Address: The Expo Area, Mangilik El Street, Nur-Sultan

Design Studio: Auroom Interior

Project Award: “The Best Realized Office Project” by “TANU Design Award”

Design Concept: The energy and dynamics of time and the concept of eternity results in a comfortable, quality, vogue and durable working space.

Why FLUA Lights: High Quality, Visual Attraction, Trendy, Affordable


Design Idea

Office of Pro space in the city of Nur Sultan.

The location of the Pro space office was not chosen by chance - the Expo area is stylish and super modern, which fully complies with the company's philosophy, the main activity of which is the design and commissioning of modern and stylish projects.

Mangilik el is the main street in the Expo district, which is translated from Kazakh literally as eternal people.

But in fact, this concept is deeper, it symbolizes the energy of a strong people, people in a stream of time.

Therefore, the basis of the concept, we took the energy and dynamics of our time, as well as the concept of eternity, as a synonym for stability, quality and fashion outside of time.

As a result, we created a comfortable, modern space, thought out to the smallest detail.

Such an interior will not lose its relevance for many years, and the quality of the finishing materials and furniture used in the project is for centuries.

The project is designed in a neutral color scheme, conducive to quiet work, but with slight accents in the form of yellow, which gives energy to this space.

At 198 meters, we placed 2 executive offices, 2 meeting rooms, 2 open space workspaces, a lounge-zone, a reception and a bathroom.

One of the advantages of the layout is the presence of a second light and huge panoramic windows.

However, in combination with open space, this advantage could be a drawback, so we paid great attention to the sound insulation and acoustics of all rooms.

The entire interior is built on a combination of circles and rectangles.

This is reflected in the layout of the ceiling elements, in terms of installing floor tiles, as well as in the decor of the walls.

One of the brightest decorative elements in the interior was the Arper acoustic modules in the shape of a square and a circle.

In our project, they solve several problems at once — and in addition to decorative properties, they work in a complex as sources of light and sound, and are also acoustic panels.


Why FLUA Lights?

Each time choosing lighting for our new object, we set ourselves the same tasks. The first lighting should be of high quality. The second - it should be visually interesting. That is, to comply with modern world trends in form, color, design. This will allow him to fit very organically into the interior we created. Also, the moment of matching parameters is always important: price, quality and design. In this case, everything turned out with the flua brand. We have solved all our problems and will continue to work with this brand on the following projects.



About TANU Design Award

"TANU" is the first Kazakhstan international independent award established to objectively evaluate the talent, skill and achievements of professionals in the architecture and interior design industry.  This  project unique in its plans that will help strengthen Kazakhstan's position in the international professional arena and will help our professionals in the field of architecture and design to convincingly express themselves, indicating tangible achievements of Kazakhstani specialists in such creative fields as architecture and design in the conditions of  development in the modern world.

It is organized by the biggest design association in Kazakhstan. February 2020 was its premier and it will be held once every year.

FLUA’s partner in Kazakhstan, F Project is one of the sponsor.




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